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Biffs is proud to expand our rental services to better serve your job site or special event.

Portable Restrooms for Small Special Events

For grad parties, groundbreakings, reunions, and weddings; wherever people gather, Biffs can provide a cost-effective restroom solution for your special event. And you can rest assured your portable restroom will be clean and fresh!

Wedding party
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Portable Restroom Solutions for Large Special Events

Are you planning a carnival, a corporate event, a local festival, or a concert? Our project management team provides creative, trusted solutions for your large special event. 

Restrooms and Sanitation Solutions for Commercial Construction

Your crew works hard to keep the Twin Cities growing! At Biffs, we work closely with contractors through every phase of construction to ensure the needs of workers and site personnel are met. 

Construction workers with Biffs

Portable Restrooms for Residential Construction Sites

A Biffs portable restroom on your residential construction site is a critical, cost-effective component with direct benefits for contractors, laborers, and eco-conscious customers alike. We’ll keep you comfortable on the job.

Portable Restrooms for Recreation Locations

More Than 7 Days

Whether you are a park or a sports facility undergoing a remodel, if your location does not have restrooms, or you feel additional facilities are needed, Biffs can offer convenient and cost-effective solutions!  

Biff at a park

Portable Restrooms for Non-Construction Commercial Use

No matter the size of your business or type of industry, if your location does not have restrooms, or you feel additional facilities are needed, Biffs can offer convenient and cost-effective solutions!  

How Many Portable Restrooms Do You Need?

We Are Passionate About Health and Dignity

Whether you’re facilitating a little league baseball tournament or managing a construction project, Biffs is committed to providing the very best experience.

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