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Today, we continue to uphold the mission and vision of our founders. We can only do that thanks to our incredible team of Biffers in all departments.

Our Executive Team

Heather, Derek, and Ben, the Biffs Executive Team focuses on strategic corporate development. We promote organizational excellence through conscious management and ongoing expansion. The successful integration of technology, infrastructure, and personnel is highly valued to support our objectives. 

Our Focus

  • Information
  • Structure
  • People
  • Rewards
  • Learning Systems
  • Work Processes
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Heather Pauling Headshot

Heather Pauling

Owner, COO Jun 1994 – Present

The coolest thing I have ever made

I did performance art at a mustache-themed art show. I would cut off a chunk of a person’s hair (with permission of course) and make super real-looking mustaches that they wore at the event. Everyone had a different style: curly, pointed, short, bushy… we could not stop smiling!

A Bit More About Heather

I am proud to say I am passionate about porta-potties, or as we Minnesotans call them, Biffs! Since our start, I have had the privilege of engaging with a diverse group of portable restroom operators from all over the world, including our local Twin Cities. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked under both my parents who were gifted entrepreneurs and mentors.

Today I am surrounded by steadfast team members who know how to deliver! I am extremely humbled by the way our team truly cares about what we sell to our customers, how we service, and the mutual appreciation of each member’s responsibility. My brother and I were given many opportunities over the years, but I believe we have elevated our success by focused hard work, never giving up on each other, and having excellent relationships with advisors that are smarter than we are. We care about our mission. Together, we make the necessary complicated decisions and take action, even when the risks are immeasurable. 

I graduated from Normandale Community College and Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and I hold both an Associated Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree, focusing on sculpture and furniture design. 

I served six years on the BOD for the Portable Sanitation Association International in addition to leading the Image and Education Committee. My main business competencies include risk assumption, strategic planning, organizational structure, human resources risk management, safety compliance management, fleet management, project management, and customer service.

How I Will Be a Part of Your Biffs Team

Through continual operational integration and efficiency leveraging technology and process, promoting education and support for continued employee engagement, I am committed to the behind-the-scenes effort to ensure we are the best we can be for our customers, employees, families, and the community.

A Bit More About Me
  • I love being a mother, creating objects out of textiles, wood and found objects, landscaping and gardening with native plants, and experimental cooking.
  • Becoming a knowledgeable ‘expert’ in topics I am interested in is where I can really geek out in my research mode.
  • Everything I ever really needed to know, I learned from: The Wizard of Oz, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, and The Walking Dead.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Derek Pauling Headshot

Derek Pauling

Owner, CEO July 1993 – Present

My most memorable adventures as a portable restroom driver

When I drove restroom routes I would often arrive for the day and be assigned the ‘Dedicated Tip-over Route Runner’ (having a route of all Biffs that were tipped over and in need of major cleanup). The send-off from the ops manager was always, git ‘er done! The most extreme adventure was being sent on a mission to swim into a murky leech-infested pond to retrieve a Biff that some kids had dumped into the water!

A Bit More About Derek

“Always do your best and give it 110%. If you do this, there really is not anything you can do, under your control, beyond that.” My parents used to repeat this to me during challenging times growing up. Now it seems simple, but I reflect on this lesson daily because it provides me calm. They also taught me that you earn respect, you cannot expect it.

My parents put their entire life savings on the line to start a portable restroom business, that is certainly unique. That risk they took has had one of the most impactful personal and community experiences that I could ever realize. Mike and Diana Pauling were the hardest working, most respectful family business owners imaginable. They built a foundation based on the value of family, empathy, & teamwork that still lives on today at Biffs.  

At our start, my father put me to work in the summers assembling and repairing portable restrooms with a couple of buddies from our neighborhood. That led to driving a route and servicing the units in the field. After graduating from the University of St Thomas in St Paul, MN earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree, focus in Business Administration, I came back as Financial Controller and was soon after promoted to CFO. 

Our team services over one trillion bathroom uses annually for those working, recreating, and enjoying the outdoors where permanent restroom facilities are not available.  Talk about community service and teamwork!

How I Will Be a Part of Your Biffs Team

My role as CEO is to oversee the big picture financial planning, vision, and future of Biffs.  Creating more jobs, enhancing service offerings, and facilitating proper resources for our growth is a passion of mine.  I am committed to leading the company into opportunities that create long-term success for every employee.  

A Bit More About Me
  • My wife Jennifer is also involved in the family business. We have 2 children. Most of our family time is spent watching our kids play lacrosse, football, and enjoying our cabin on the lake in northern Minnesota.  
  • I am an avid vinyl collector, love music of all genres, and try to hit live shows from time to time.  
  • I also love people, so don’t be surprised if you meet me somewhere and I introduce myself.
man talking to team in board room

Ben Schnackenberg

Vice President Oct 2006 – Present

What I did during Covid

I taught myself how to play guitar during COVID. I love talking myself into believing I am good and forcing others to listen to me play and sing. My vocals are a bit lacking, and my guitar playing does not come close to making up for it.  This did not deter me from starting a band two years ago with four high school buddies. So far, we have played zero gigs, have no original songs, and our lead drummer doesn’t own a set of drums.  But we feel our potential is untapped and dream of reaching the pinnacle of rockdom and playing your local VFW someday.

A Bit More About Ben

I started with Biffs 15 years ago and have served in 7 different roles during that time.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every job I have held with Biffs.  Working for a family business has allowed me to learn all aspects of running a service company.  I have loved watching our company grow over the last 15 years and continuing to ensure the original vision of our founders. 

There are two things you always have control over…. Attitude and Effort.  I love working with people and developing teams.  Coaching has always been a passion in my life.  I have done it from the sidelines for my kids and at the high school level.  Playing multiple sports as a kid and coaching gave me a ton of tools that I use with our Biffs team every day.  We have a great team at Biffs that have come from all walks of life and bring so much diversity in abilities to create the best possible experience for our customers and employees.  I feel blessed every day to work with everyone on the Biffs team.  

I attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth and played football for the Bulldogs.  After college, I worked for multiple years as a youth counselor at a treatment facility in Duluth before becoming employed in the mortgage industry.  I owned my own mortgage brokerage and home improvement company before landing at Biffs. Throughout my time at Biffs I have worked in customer service, sales, human resources, operations, logistics, and management and spent a great deal of time in the field performing services or preparing equipment.   

How I Will Be a Part of Your Biffs Team

My role as Vice President is to work with our Leadership Team to provide our customers with an outstanding experience, provide a positive employee experience, and do it all efficiently and responsibly.  I work with the Executive Team to plan and execute the financial plan, vision, and future of Biffs. 

A Bit More About Me
  • My wife Susan and I have 20-year-old triplets (2 girls, 1 boy), a 6-year-old daughter, and a Bernese Mountain dog named Tank. Our triplets are working to become a Firefighter, Physician’s Assistant, and major in business.  Our 6-year-old recently graduated from kindergarten. We love spending time outside on our pontoon, at the cabin, or at the kids’ sporting events.
  • I also love golfing, fishing, woodworking, and cooking.

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