Biffs Now Offers Temp Fence & Fixed-Leg Barricades!

Temp Fence Solutions

Temp fence provides a secure and stable temporary perimeter for construction projects, concerts, festivals and other special events where a physical barrier is required to manage access to your site.

Our modular fence panels are SmartWeld manufactured, which is 70% stronger than traditional MIG welding!

  • Panel Size: 12′ length x 6′ height
  • Weight: 61.6 lbs

Standard Accessories

Additional Accessories Available!

Portable Fixed-Leg Barricades

Portable barricades provide an effective method of crowd control for outdoor events. They can be quickly set up and easily moved to suit your needs. Fixed leg barricades offer superior stability over standard bar barricades. 

Our heavy-duty fixed leg barricades are constructed with robust tubular steel frames in a single piece.

  • Barrier size: 7′ 5.4″ length x 3′ 7.3″ height
  • Weight: 34 lbs

Rent Temp Fence & Barricade Equipment

Biffs is proud to expand our rental services to better serve your job site or special event. Contact your Biffs rep or browse our Rental Products and Request a Quote today!