How We Serve the 9 County Twin Cities Metro Area

Now Offering Temp Fence & Barricades!

Biffs is proud to expand our rental services to better serve your job site or special event.

See What Makes Biffs Different From Other Portable Restroom Providers

We are committed to providing the cleanest and best smelling portable restrooms available on the market, because we care about the health and dignity of those in our community. We also care about the environment, so we save water and ensure the wastewater from our Biffs is cleaned and released to support life in the Mississippi River and surrounding areas.

biffs working cleaning portable restroom

Our Commitment to the Cleanest Portable Restrooms in Minnesota

Every Portable Restroom Service Biffs performs in the field utilizes a unique disinfecting service system on the truck. This procedure takes sanitation a step further and thoroughly disinfects and cleans a portable restrooms more effectively than traditional cleaning methods. In addition to cleaning, you will also receive fresh rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, re-secured positioning, and service confirmation.

How Clean Is Your Portable Restroom?

We are the only ones that disinfect every surface, every service!

Biffs Inc. continues to be the only company in Minnesota to not only clean but also disinfect each time we service a portable restroom.

Biffs Inc. teamed with ECOLAB to invent a system to be installed on all our portable restroom trucks. This system ensures that our customers are getting the cleanest and the only truly disinfected restrooms in the industry. See how we do it!

What You Can Expect From Biffs

  • Unmatched Customer Service 
  • Rapid Response Time
  • The Cleanest Portable Restrooms Available
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling by Subject Matter Experts 
  • Real-Time GPS and PTO Service Confirmation for each service

The Biffs Pathfinders Disinfecting System

  • On every truck
  • Biffs service drivers’ power wash and then spray all surfaces of our portables with ECOLAB hospital-grade disinfectant. We disinfect—Others do not!
  • This process destroys bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms that spread disease and cause odor. 
  • 56% fewer bacteria
  • 132% less mold vs. traditional cleaning, which increases mold by 84% due to the brush transferring mold from one surface to another.

We Simplify Billing

All invoices can be delivered electronically and paid online. Plus, home builders earn Builders Club points with every purchase!

Payment Methods We Accept

  • Website or via phone, we accept ACH and all major credit cards
  • Set up autopay or make a manual payment. Go to your Customer Portal 
  • Checks mailed to headquarters, Attn: AR

Products and Services We Provide

  • Portable Restroom Rental & Service
  • Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental & Service, Shower Rental and Service
  • Standby Service Restroom Attendants
  • Sink, Hand Sanitizing, Tank System Installation and Service 
  • Commercial High-Rise Standpipe Service
  • Concrete Wash-out Pumping
  • Storage Container Rental
  • Sub-Contracted Restroom Rental
  • Temp Fence & Barricades
close up of portable hand washing stations in a row