• Mini-Flush Unit

    Mini-Flush Unit

    Go Anywhere | Self-contained flushing toilet system that can go anywhere Includes: toilet, toilet paper 23”W x 24.5”D x 21.5”H 33 pounds 15 gallon capacity…

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  • Roll Away Restroom

    Roll Away Restroom

    Now We're Rollin' | Semi-private toilet on casters with lift bars for placement by crane Includes: toilet, exterior urinal, toilet paper, roof (optional) 35”W x…

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  • Deluxe Flushes

    Deluxe Flushes

    Luxury on a Budget | The Deluxe Flush Pair is an elegant solution for small to medium upscale events. These roomy restrooms will definitely impress…

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  • Lift Restroom Unit

    Lift Restroom Unit

    Going Up, What Floor? | Unit fits in standard 6’6”elevator lifts.  This unit has a holding tank with 2X the capacity of a standard roll-away…

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  • Job Trailer Restroom Tank System

    Job Trailer Restroom Tank System

    Office Comfort | If you are working at a job that has no sewer or water connections, but need both, our tank system will meet…

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  • Bathroom Lighting

    Bathroom Lighting

    Shed Some Light | Add a light to any portable restroom that you may need better visibility due to location or evening event. Click Here…

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  • Containment Pan

    Containment Pan

    Spill Protection | Durable trays to catch wash down liquids in and rain water out. NOTE: Does not aid in tipped-over toilets. Width: 45”W x…

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  • Storage Containers

    Storage Containers

    Safe & Sound | Biffs, Inc. has storage containers available for rent that are sturdy and secure for almost any storage need. We offer quick…

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  • Women Only Restroom

    Women Only Restroom

    No Men, Simply Because | Provide privacy and added cleanliness for the women on location. Standard unit with the exception of a very noticeable women…

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  • Securement Options

    Securement Options

    Lock Down | Stakes, chains, locks & keys, or zip-ties.  Staking or chaining is available on any location to prevent tip-overs due to weather.  Any…

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  • Trash Container

    Trash Container

    Pitch In | Disposable cardboard trash can with liner.  Great addition for all special events. Helps make the backyard BBQ or large special event stay…

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  • Waste Water Barrel

    Waste Water Barrel

    Dirty H2O |  55 gallon barrels for any event or work site in need of waste water or grease dumping. Available with screens.  Barrels available…

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  • Heater


    Get Toasty | Add comfort when you take your bathroom break. Compliant utility fan electric space heater with Biffs' custom clamp to mount on vent…

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  • Biffs’ Baby Changing Station

    Biffs’ Baby Changing Station

    Change 'Em Up | Private changing room with secure table and trash can.  Great addition to any special event or work site in need of…

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