• 14 Ft Exterior A
  • 14′ Tan Spa Women’s Staged – Mike Dailey (2)
  • 14 Ft Interior E
  • 14′ Tan Spa Men’s – Mike Dailey (2)
  • 14 Ft Interior B
  • 14′ Tan Spa Men’s Sink – Mike Dailey (2)
  • 14 Ft Interior D
  • 14 Ft Interior F
  • 14′ Tan Spa Women’s Sink Staged – Mike Dailey (2)
  • 14 Ft Interior A
  • 14 Ft Interior A – web
  • 14 Ft Interior C
  • 6x14spa


14 ft. Signature | Our 14 ft. Signature trailer is the perfect fit for your upscale event. This beautiful restroom trailer features private, spacious, and climate-controlled accommodations. Features include porcelain stools, urinals, and stainless sink basins. Soft music and a well illuminated interior add to the ambiance. Our Suite provides unexpected comfort and convenience for your guests. This trailer is available in tan or green interior.

Women's: 2 private stalls, 1 vanity

Men's: 1 private stall, 1 urinal, 1 vanity

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Length: 14’ Box, 19’ w/ Tongue
Width: 6’, 7’6” w/ Steps Down
Height: 11’3” including AC
Fresh: 200 gallons
Waste: 440 gallons
Capacity: 1,000-1,400 uses
Weight: 5280 lbs.

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Length of Event          Max. Guests

4 hours                               600

8 hours                               400

Total capacity is 1,000-1,400 uses

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Basic functions, including AC, can be run from just one dedicated 20-Amp service.

One 20-amp circuit = AC/Basic Service/Lights/Music
Two 20-amp circuits= Heat
Three 20-amp circuits= Water Heater/Waste Tank Heat

12v battery option is available

The water connection is located on the curb side of the trailer and is accessed through an outer compartment.   It is a ¾ inch garden hose connection with a pressure regulator that limits the pressure down to approximately 40 psi. The ideal psi range is 40-60 psi. If the pressure from the water source exceeds 60 psi it should be regulated at the source.

If no water source is available on location, the trailer comes equipped with a 200 gallon fresh water tank.

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Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental is available in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, western Wisconsin and out-state Minnesota.